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Blazes Journal
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Blaze posing at puppy preschool
The only way to get him to sit still was to hold him

7 1/2 weeks.
28th Feb 2004: Blaze is home with us. What a wee treasure. He follows me everywhere I go, when he is awake.
29th Feb: What a busy day. Took Blaze visiting, my mothers then my friends. My friend bought her dog Zoey through and Blaze growled and hid behind my legs. I ignored his fear completely and he soon came round. Came out gave Zoey a kiss. Started teaching him sit. He seems to have it already.
1st March. : Took him to visit Zoey again today. He was much better with her. I think they will turn out to be great friends. Carried him to the school to pick up my son. He really seemed to enjoy all the attention from the children there.
8 weeks. (4kg)
He is attending puppy preschool. This week he didn't seem to care there were other puppies there. Everyone was shocked that he can "sit" and "down".
9 weeks (4.45kg)
Much better with puppy preschool this week. He's playing a bit more with the other puppies. Doesn't mind people at all. I carry him alot of places to get used to different people and surroundings.
10 weeks. (5.10kg)
Got him to go round to "heel" now. And he is starting to "stay" when I move say it and move away a bit. His recall is difficult. He gets so distracted outside. But he's so young so thats expected.
11 weeks (5.55kg)
Last week of puppy preschool this week. Will miss going there. I loved watching him play with the other puppies. He loves playing with Zoey now though. She's really good with him.
12 weeks (6.10kg)
Took him to the opening a of a new dog park here at "forrestor park". He loved seeing all the other dogs. Everybody thinks he is so adorable.
Last of the main vaccinations this week. Then all he will have is Kennel Cough vaccination when he is 15 weeks. So now I can start taking him more places.
13 weeks.
Things Blaze can do: Sit, down, stay, heel, high five, wave, bow, shake hands. come (when he's not so busy lol).

15 weeks

15 weeks (7.8kg)
Blaze had his last vaccination today. Yahoo. Glad thats over with.
He's doing well apart from his barking to get my attention. It can last a while until he figures out that I am not even going to look at him when he does that. I have decided this week that yes Border Collies try to be bossy. Even as puppies. I'm stubborn and won't even make eye contact when he's doing that. So he will flop down on the floor and sulk.