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A dominant dog will often be pushy and demand things from you. It has to learn that you are boss and it has to earn its privileges. Also the NILIF program is good to practice its commands.

Whatever your dog wants it must work for it. Whether it be food or a pat. Any of the commands or tricks that your dog has been taught can be used.

Keep changing what commands you use. Eg: One day he must sit for his food. The next day down. The next shake hands.

The two commands I like to use for a dominant dog before it gets a pat is down or over as this puts the dog lower than you and in a submissive position.

Teach your dog the command stay or wait before you tell it ok to get his food. If you have problems with this ask me or read the commands sheet.

Before he is allowed out the door tell him to sit.

The NILIF program should also be used for submissive dogs because it does not take them long to question your leadership. It can also make a fearful dog more confident because it knows it has a good stable leader.

You will find other things that your dog likes. You need to learn these things and have him do something before he gets what he wants. If you dont want him to have it at all, just walk away and ignore him. Dont let him take charge of you.

Below you will find links to read more on the NILIF program.